Maruti’s Debut Electric SUV: Exclusive Sneak Peek from Europe, Undergoing Rigorous Testing


Unveiling the Maruti Suzuki eVX: A Glimpse into the Future of Electric SUVs


Maruti Suzuki, the renowned Japanese automotive giant, is making significant strides in the realm of sustainable mobility worldwide. Embracing the electrification movement, the company is diligently working on its highly-anticipated electric SUV, the Maruti Suzuki eVX. Recently, spy photographers managed to capture exclusive images of the eVX during its rigorous road testing in southern Europe, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the extraordinary features of this upcoming electric vehicle.

Optimal Performance Testing in Southern Europe:

Maruti Suzuki’s strategic choice of southern Europe for conducting crucial summer tests on the eVX reveals the brand’s commitment to ensuring top-notch performance. The region’s scorching temperatures and challenging terrains create the perfect environment to push the limits of this 100% electric car’s development phase. These tests are vital as they gauge battery performance and overall range, critical factors for an electric vehicle like the eVX. Extreme temperatures can have a significant impact on battery performance and the overall driving range.

Despite the test unit’s heavily camouflaged exterior, certain key design elements of the Maruti Suzuki eVX can be deduced. The eVX, previously showcased as the Suzuki eVX Concept, is envisioned as a compact SUV, offering an electric alternative to the well-liked Suzuki S-Cross model. These vehicles will share comparable dimensions, addressing the requirements of eco-conscious customers without compromising on practicality.

Exterior Design Clues

Maruti Suzuki side view spy shot

Though heavily camouflaged, some key design elements of the Maruti Suzuki eVX are discernible. The eVX, previously previewed as the Suzuki eVX Concept, is expected to be a compact SUV, serving as an electric alternative to the popular Suzuki S-Cross model. Similar dimensions indicate that both vehicles prioritize eco-friendly transportation without sacrificing practicality.

Next-Gen Interior

While the interior remains elusive in spy images, industry experts anticipate a futuristic, connected cabin within the Maruti Suzuki eVX. Two prominent horizontal screens are expected to adorn the dashboard, showcasing an advanced instrument cluster and an intuitive infotainment system. These cutting-edge features aim to elevate the driving experience, aligning perfectly with the latest automotive technology trends.

Impressive Electric Propulsion:

Though specifics regarding the electric propulsion system await confirmation, the earlier showcased Suzuki eVX Concept boasted a robust 60 kWh lithium-ion battery, promising an impressive range of over 500 kilometers on a single charge (Indian MIDC cycle). This highlights the eVX’s potential to deliver an efficient and eco-friendly driving experience, breaking free from the constraints of traditional combustion engines.

Global Launch Timeline

European enthusiasts can rejoice as the official launch of the Maruti Suzuki eVX in the European market is slated for the upcoming year. However, Indian consumers need to exercise patience, as the eVX is expected to grace Indian dealerships by 2025. The Maruti Suzuki eVX, also known as the “Emotional Versatile Cruiser,” first captivated audiences at Auto Expo 2023, leaving them awe-inspired by its innovative and futuristic design.


The Maruti Suzuki eVX is poised to redefine the landscape of electric SUVs, setting new benchmarks for eco-friendly and technologically advanced mobility solutions. With its remarkable features, impressive range, and forthcoming global launch, the eVX stands as a testament to Maruti Suzuki’s dedication to driving the future of sustainable transportation. As we await the official unveiling, enthusiasts anticipate an electric marvel that seamlessly blends innovation, performance, and sustainability.

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